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 Darien Dark application

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Anderson James


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PostSubject: Darien Dark application    Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:43 am

Wrestler name: Darien Dark(formerly Bon Sin)

Height: 6'6

Weight: 266

Entrance(if he wins a title,God help us all)

Diamond in the Witch House by Mastodon begins to play as the lights begin to flicker around the arena. The darkness seems to grow thicker as the lights begin to flicker at a more rapid pace. The stage slowly sparks at the center where a small fire starts to blaze. As the music intensifies the fire begins to grow. The lights cut out as the song drops and Darien Dark appears from the blaze with his head down. Darien walks a few steps as the fire dissipates and the lights flicker once more. Darien Dark appears again sitting in the corner of the ring as the lights slowly turn back on. 

Alignment: Whatever he wants

Fighting style: Unorthodox powerhouse (think reverse versions of slams),highly aggressive brawler,seems to negate pain a small amount of the time,occasionally controls lighting to relocate in ring in sure situations

Finishers: Right in two (Uranage backbreaker/Irish Curse)

The Long Sleep ( Sister Abigail with spider walk)

Signatures: Rolling Regret (Side belly to belly suplex rolled into an overhead belly to belly suplex)

Marked for death (Red poison mist) 

Twitter: N/a

Picture: Finn Balor (have Scar some options,any will do)
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Darien Dark application
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