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 Making things interesting

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PostSubject: Making things interesting    Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:05 am

The show returns from commercial as Alejandro Vidal is seen on stage,still gloating over his win over the lackllackluster Muscle Mountain. With a microphone in hand and a smile on his face,Vidal begins to address the crowd.
Vidal: "Damas y caballeros, my name is Alejandro Rio Vidal,and all of you Hydra faithful can refer to me as El Presidente! Man of the people extraordinaire! Haha!"
Alejandro Vidal smiles widely and holds the golden briefcase above his head.
Vidal: "Seeing as the first competitor to attempt the million dollar challenge failed in humiliating fashion,I have wonderful news to share. And that is......the offer still stands!"
Alejandro opens the latch keeping the briefcase closed to reveal the cash prize inside.
Vidal: "One million million to the man who can win my open challenge. All competitors must be approved by my personal training staff and myself at least one week prior to an actual match. And even then,the chances of beating El Presidente esta mal."
Alejandro does a cha cha while muffled boos begin to stir around the arena.
Vidal: "Now while it's understandable that some people might remain hesitant to face a world class,once in a lifetime athlete such as myself,even with such an  amazing prize,I'm going to entice you even more! El Presidente knows what the people want! Haha!"
Alejandro snaps his fingers twice. A small,elderly Mexican gentleman emerges from the back with a second briefcase. He hands it over to Alejandro and smiles. Vidal snatches the case. Alejandro goes to speak and notices the man still standing there. Vidal turns and shoo's the man away aggressively.
Vidal: "A few months ago,something came into my possession. And as the rightful owner of this illustrious piece of hardware,I will add this as an additional prize to the million dollar challenge."
Alejandro Vidal opens the briefcase and reveals the old Gx Championship, now with a white strap and brandishing a red X on the front plate.
Vidal: "I give to you, Vidal' s Universal Cruiserweight Championship! Adore the beauty for a moment will you not?"
Alejandro holds the belt up to his face and smiles at his reflection. He throws the belt over his shoulder and raises his arms in triumph.
Vidal: "Talk about the chance of a lifetime am I right? Haha! Told you I'm a man of the people! I am going to bring some exciting times. And I'm going to do it al as your first...."
Vidal turns and winks into the camera. He raises his title over his head.
Vidal: "Universal Cruiserweight Champion. Viva Vidal!"
Realeza plays over the speakers as Vidal celebrates with belt on stage. Alejandro get his fill of gloating and makes his way backstage. The cameras shift to the announce team
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Making things interesting
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