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 Big John's Application

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Dmitri Smirnov


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PostSubject: Big John's Application   Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:48 am

Wrestler's name:

Height & Weight:
7FT 2Insh & 365lbs

Entrance without a title:
American Made By kiss Blasts from the speakers as A clip of a giant Chopping wood, the wood flying at the screen shows. Four Silver and Red Piros shoot upwards as Big John makes his way out onto the ramp on a Black 1988 Viper with sliver chrome around it.Wearing Black T-Shirt with a bloody Chainsaw on the front, on the back BBJ In red as well. Black cargo pants and black leather Boots. He also has a black bandanna and his hair shoulder length hair tied back.He raises his right arm before reeving the Motorbike and makes his way down to the ring.

Entrance with a title:
American Man Blasts as 4 Red and Blue Piro's go off. John makes his way out in all black gear and a Black leather Bike Jacket. He smirks and Holds up his title over his head and points to the fans from right to left and places it over his Left shoulder and slowly makes his way down the ramp, slapping some of the fans hands. He get To the steps and gets into the ring and chainsaws can be heard going off as well as he once more holds up his title in his Right hand and moves around the ring before nodding and placing the belt back over his shoulder once more.


Fighting Style
Powerful, Love the chest chops with great force. fast for a giant of over 7 foot tall. and has been Known to fly from the Corner once or twice.

Breaking the Bark.

Restring the opponent in the ropes and Chops the chest hard 10 Times.

Falling Tree.

Getting the Opponent up over his shoulder and climbs the turnbuckle before falling backwards hitting a falling Samoan Drop

Signature Moves
Giant Wind.
John Bounces of the ropes and jumps on the (name) and lands on his face with his Bum *Banazi* drop.

Giant Drop.
Hits a Giant chokeslam.

Giants Call out.

John raises both arms and roars Before banging his chest.

Chop you ready.: John ready's his Hand and clasp them while laughing to his victim.

Twitter username

Wrestler's picture:

Brain Harris aka Brain Lee.
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Big John's Application
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