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 Single's Application

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Red Skull

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PostSubject: Single's Application   Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:44 pm

The following application is for wrestlers wanting to sign up to Hydra Wrestling Federation. Please fill everything out and remember to check the taken list first. ( You can copy the required form at the bottom of this very own post.

Wrestler's name - enter the name for the wrestler you're going to roleplay as in this federation.

Height & Weight - your choosed wrestler's physical traits. Can be written in any units you like. (imaginary units are accepted as well)

Entrance without a title - the way your superstar makes his way to the ring on daily basis

Entrance with a title - a special entrance for your wrestler, when he holds the gold in this federation

Alignment - the reaction your wrestler inflicts on a crowd. Comes in 3 options: Heel - a bad guy; Babyface - a good guy; Tweener - a mix of good and bad.

Fighting Style - the style your wrestler prefers when it comes to in-ring action. You can name the wrestler you want to be like or create your very own unique fighting style.

Finishers - your character's special move that gets the business done (in most cases)

Signature Moves - the moves your superstars prefer to use and/or is great at doing.

Taunts - the way your wrestlers provokes the opponent or hypes up the crowd

Twitter username - [not obligatory] post your active twitter account to recieve more HWF news, as well as help us promote the federation further beyond, as well as you can use your account to create extra-heat going into the rivalries our big matches.

Wrestler's picture - a picture you want to use for your wrestler

BBCode form you have to fill:

Wrestler's name

Height & Weight

Entrance without a title

Entrance with a title


Fighting Style


Signature Moves


Twitter username

Wrestler's picture
*link or upload image*
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Single's Application
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