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 TDI - Tables Description Info

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Dmitri Smirnov


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PostSubject: TDI - Tables Description Info   Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:04 pm

Match Results Descriptions wrote:

  • Pin. - short for "pinfall"; the winner of the match succesfully pinned his opponent to secure a victory
  • Sub. - short for "submission"; the winner of the match succesfully made his opponent tap out
  • KO - short for "knockout"; the winner of the match succesfully defeated his opponent by sending him unconscious for a 10-count.
  • CO - short for "countout"; the winner of the match succesfully beat his opponent by keeping him out of the action for a 10-count.
  • DQ - short for "disqualification"; the winner of the match was given a victory after his opponent broke the rules of the contest
  • NC - short for "no-contest"; usually is used to describe a draw result, when the match is stopped abruptly for many unmentioned before reasons (i.e. referee stopagge, some interference)
  • DD - short for "double-decision"; describes a winning situation, when the amount of winners is more than one
  • D(KO/CO/Pin./Sub.) - used for draw decisions only, as both competitors managed to simultaneously make their opponents lose with no winners to be crowned.

TCR system wrote:

TCR - Twitter Community Ratings. For each match a corresponding poll on twitter will be created, asking how good this particular match in the reader's opinion. Each match can be rated between 0 to 5 stars; the more stars - the better match was. When rating the match, make sure you value all match aspects - how well did it progress the story, how well booked this particular match was, it's place on the card, but don't forget about the personal feelings as well, of course. The best match of each week becomes a nominee for the best match of the season.

Match Ratings Table

0 stars1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
DescriptionWaste of air; No storyline progression whatsoever / wrong placement in the card.Felt odd; Could've been better, was ruined because of an endings / no hype / bad card placementGolden average; An average mark for a well done matchSolid good; Showcased superstars in the new light / correct card placement.Show-stealer; Well-paced / action-filled / great story progression / correct card placementInstant classic; A beautiful story with a beautiful ending. Boosted as winner's, as loser's profile higher.

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TDI - Tables Description Info
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