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 Alejandro Vidal application

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Anderson James


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PostSubject: Alejandro Vidal application    Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:14 am

Wrestler name: Alejandro Rio Vidal

Height: 6'3

Weight: 215

Entrance without a title 

Realeza begins to play on the speakers and the camera focuses on on the titantron. A wave of gold washes over the name Alejandro Vidal. Alejandro walks out onto the stage in an all white Armani suit. Vidal smiles at the crowd for a moment and does a little salsa. Alejandro tears of the suit and gold sparks shower over his head. Vidal walks down to the ring kissing ladies hands and touching kids on the head. Even if they refuse. Alejandro trots up the steps and wipes his feet on the ring apron before hopping over the ropes into the ring.

Entrance with a title 

A full blown Mariachi band walks out onto the stage. They set up around the Entrance and begin to play Realeza. Three women in matching dresses and flowers in their hair dance around the band throwing rose petals. The band and the flower girls make their way towards the ring as a white stretch limousine pulls out onto the stage. Alejandro Vidal pops out through the sun roof with the title over his shoulders doing a little dance. Vidal hops out onto the hood of the limo as the arena is blanketed in gold confetti. The limo drives all the way to ring with Vidal standing triumphantly on top. Alejandro jumps off the limo into the ring and raises the title high to the crowd.

Alignment: Heel/Man of the people 

Fighting style: Trained by the best money can buy,very technically sound yet overly flashy. Taunts often after big moves. Will pay his way out of a sticky situation.


 BBM/Best Brainbuster in Mexico(Crossarm brainbuster)

Presidente-plex (bridging fisherman suplex)


La Cucaracha (shake,rattle,and roll)

Viva Guerrero (Frog splash)

Twitter: N/a (for now)


Andrade Almas
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Alejandro Vidal application
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